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Deputy Inspector General (DIG), Sindh Police

Word cannot express the feelings of gratitude and appreciation me and my family have towards the team of Aziz Medicare. We have always experienced an excellent quality of services. My best wishes for Dr. Imtiaz Aziz and his both sons to continue with the same standard of services.


Deputy Director, Airport Security Force (ASF) Karachi

Me and my family have often relied upon the superb and state of the art medical facilities available for us at the AMC. The staff is humble, welcoming and courteous and doctors are experts of their respective fields who lend beyond satisfactory care and consultancy. The environment of the AMC is wonderful. I hope that AMC continues to provide the same level of service in the future as they have done so for the past many years.


Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), Karachi

Aziz Medicare not only having very professional, efficient and experienced Doctors but also good atmosphere and friendly staff. My family members have been treated with the utmost courtesy and understanding by all the staff I have ever met. Most appreciated.


Inland Revenue, Federal Board of Revenue (FBR)

Me and my wife were referred to Aziz Medicare by our late brother Abdul Hameed Sangi (Commissioner IR). Here we interacted with management and Doctors of the Hospital. Indeed, we felt very comfortable with this experience especially Dr. Yahya and Mr. Faraz Imtiaz Aziz. Overall facilities at the Hospital are also good.


Advocate High Courts & Legal Consultant, Karachi

Aziz Medicare is a splendid achievement of a marvellous management contributing its role to provide latest medical facilities under one roof to public.


Country Business Head Corporate and Retail Banking Group, JS Bank Ltd

We have always experienced excellent service at Aziz Medicare. Staff and team is very good and they have wonderful team of professional. The smiling and welcoming attitude feel like home. I and my family always feel safe and have confidence on the team and management and I wish them more success and they should continue with same zeal. In short Aziz Medicare is a blessing for citizens of Karachi.


Founder & President, Noor Education Service

In today’s day and age when healthcare has become so specialized and expensive, Aziz Medicare has made access to quality care and specialist consultation possible and affordable. Their wide spectrum of services and embracing attitude towards patients from all walks of life makes them a preferred choice in case of any sort of medical attention and intervention. Their empathy towards their patients and humanistic approach towards those who are suffering goes a long way in comforting the distressed and the vulnerable. I have always found reassurance in their expert hands and I hope they will continue with same spirit of service.


Fashion Designer, Karachi

My experience at Aziz Medicare has always been superior and well above medical treatment standards. The physicians, the nurses, the staff and the management have successfully made Aziz Medicare a household name.


CEO at SAAO Capital, Pakistan Stock Exchange

I was diagnosed with severe allergies and sinus in 2015. I went to Aziz Medicare for my long-term ailment and surprisingly I was astonished to see their processes, which were as streamlined as a large hospital. The people were caring and the best part was that I didn't have to wait for ages like other clinics. The doctor was polite and gave me time, heard my ordeal and then prescribed me a set of lifestyle changes to ensure the allergy doesn't strike back, getting to the root cause of the issue rather than suppressing it with pills for the immediate moment. For me a healthcare provider should be a combination of the right people and right processes and I am glad to suggest I found both at Aziz Medicare.


Chairman, Cool Corporation

A visit with Dr. Sania and her team means receiving care from highly-experienced, hospital-trained physicians, all in the comfort of a small office environment where one-on- one attention is the rule and not the exception. Not only Mr. Faraz and staff incredibly personable, but there is no mistaking that their physicians genuinely care about your health and well-being.


Partner at Zanctock Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Hyderabad

On every visit at Azi­z Medicare, me and my­ family had found the­ Doctors offering the­ highest level of professiona­l service. The manage­ment and their team had delivered state-of- the-art services combined with their unique co­llaborative health ca­re approach. I have f­ound Aziz Medicare as­ Comprehensive Healthc­are under one roof.


Chairman ADRC, FBR Pakistan

There is a famous saying, " patients don't care how much you know until they know how much you care." I have been visiting Aziz Medicare for over 10 years and I think any doctor can prescribe, but only few good one can really heal and Aziz Medicare is offering us such wonderful and experienced doctors. As for the faculty, they help complete the system with great responsibility and are very welcoming co operative and well behaved. Overall my experience with Aziz Medicare has been amazing and wonderful


CEO at Amina’s Beauty Saloon, Karachi

I have been using facilities at Aziz Medicare since this center was started and day by day it has been growing and serving people in a very professional and friendly environment with a very clean atmosphere and very professional doctors. We are very much satisfied and feel proud of having such a place where we can trust and feel comfortable. Our sincere wishes and prayers for the entire Administration and staff for their success and prosperity. Wish you good luck always.


Executive Vice President, JS Bank Ltd.

Since the past 19 years I have been visiting Aziz Medicare, my first visit was for general consultation but the professional attitude, the literacy level, the warmth shown to me and a personal interest in my health by all stake holders of the medical center compelled me to visit them for any medical need whatsoever. The equipment and approaches are state of the art and I have never been let down with their service. The management is very friendly and take keen interest to fulfil all necessary needs/requirement by the patients.


Director, Nisar Food Industries

I have known Aziz Medicare since it was established. Their team of staff and doctors are one of a kind. With the passage of time, they have grown and achieved a lot in our locality. I wish for them to continue their progress and prosper in helping humanity.



Aziz Medicare has excellent services along with good doctors and staff. I am fully satisfied about all their services.


Housewife, USA

I am fully satisfied with my treatment from Dr. Bhurolal and his assistant, Mrs. Saba. I hope they continue to give the same services to all their patients.


Instructor Marketing, Al Ain (UAE)

I was recommended by a family friend to have my molar treated and I exclusively came and was overwhelmed by the level of personal service and expertise.


Teacher, Karachi

Well experienced doctors under one roof.
Labs and Ultrasound facilities are offered too for patient's convenience.


Housewife, Karachi

Aziz Medicare is a place which can be trusted blindly. The service provided and the doctors who sit there are both outstanding. The staff and management is very well organised and punctual. Although I live far from the clinic, I still prefer to bring my family to Aziz Medicare whenever needed.


Director, Cool Corporation

I have been a patient of Dr. Yahya since 2009 and visits to his office have always been a positive and informative experience. He is very thorough and complete in his diagnosis of the condition of my health and is willing to take the time to discuss any issue I may have. He is genuinely concerned with my physical well-being as he not only prescribes medicine, but also provides guidance and advice on health matters. Thanks Mr. Faraz and all the team at AZIZ MEDICARE for being there for us in our hard times.

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